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Note: This FAQ intends for Chrome App. For android, some sections may not adoptable.


Switch to another google account

You cannot switch google account in app, instead, you should sign-in chrome with any gooogle account you want and install Mic Note again from chrome web store.

Pro account is lost from another computer

Mostly, it because you have signed in chrome a different google account in another computer, go to chrome://settings to check which account you are using.

Also check chrome://apps before you click Mic Note icon.

Or you can get it directly in app Options/Settings/General window. (Note: for some early users, it may not an email, instead, it is your google account name or ID)

How can I change the google drive account that the app uses for syncing?

You cannot do it in app, the app uses google drive account as the one you were installing it from the store. That says you have to change chrome account first and then install app again. But if you are using other cloud storages(so far, dropbox), you can use any account you want.

I donnot want to switch chrome account back and forth for using this app and my daily chrome account

For Windows, MacOS users, you can pin app onto the desktop docking bar, then sign in chrome with any account you want.

For ChromeOS users, you cannot.

Screenshot from MacOS
Screenshot from MacOS


Have microphone problem, no sounds at all

Basically, we can do nothing for you, you have to figure it out by yourself. Trying to install other apps, like Google Hangouts, to check if audio input and output works properly.

How can I use an external mic?

Visiting chrome://settings/content, you can select microphone from Media section.

Can I record output instead of microphone input?

We have an affiliated chrome extension Audio Capturer for Mic Note, it can record audio output of any chrome tabs, likes Youtube, SoundCloud. For recording audio directly from other chrome apps, desktop apps or whole computer output, we cannot, the best solution is to use an external microphone.

How to get rid of keyboard sounds?

Cannot for chrome app, using an external microphone if you really hate it, or might our android app is your choice.


Where are the notes saved?

By default, the notes are saved in your chrome browser only, technically, HTML5 FileSystem. They are not lost unless you un-install the app. For keeping your notes from lost by unintentionally un-installation or OS problem etc. it highly recommends you save notes in clouds, for now, the app supports Google Drive, Dropbox, you can set it via app settings panel Options/Settings/Database.

Note for Chromebook users: in some schools, it wipes all user data off chromebooks when users log out, in that case, you must select a cloud to save notes. Volume purchase users, administrators(teachers) can pre-define it from our Admin Console.

Android users: Go to Options/Account to get where your notes saved to.

How does synchronization work?

Once you set database to clouds via Options/Settings/Database, your notes will automatically sync with database in clouds every time you make changes. By default, the database folder is My Mic Notes in root directory of your clouds, you can change it via Database Folder option.

                                   |      Database in Clouds    |
                                   |   (Google Drive / Dropbox) |
                               --/                                \--
                            --/                                      \-
            +--------------/------------+               +--------------\--------------+
            |       Local Copy          |               |         Local Copy          |
            | Computer/Mobile Device A  |               |   Computer/Mobile Device B  |
            +---------------------------+               +-----------------------------+

For offline access, there are always a local copy(also named CACHE) of notes in chrome/android app. For saving disk space(that is specially useful for mobile devices), it is able to clear local cache from the app, see Options/Settings/Database/Local cache. Suggesting that you have totally 500M notes(includes recordings), you can keep frequently used 100M notes in your devices, others in clouds, when you click the note which has no cache locally, the app will automatically try to fetch it form clouds so long as the network is available, it seems as if you have stored all notes in your devices.

Do not modify(add/remove/modify) any things in database folder, it can be managed by the app only.

Does the app run offline?

Yes, excepting the first time runs. After you have installed the app and launch it once with network available, you can always run offline afterwards even you set database to clouds, the app will sync notes to clouds when network is available again.

Auto transcribe recordings?

We provide tools helping you transcribe manually, but we don’t support voice-recognition, at least, for now.